The High Priestess
the High Priestess tarot jewelry

The High Priestess

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The High Priestess. Guardian of your subconscious mind and bearer of the Divine Feminine, this major arcana tarot card is a special one.

Have you ever listened to your intuition - your gut feeling on something - and it was absolutely, incredibly accurate, in spite of others telling you you're wrong? That's the High Priestess at work. Intuition and instinct are traits we are taught to ignore as we get older, for fear of offending or alienating someone or something. This ignoring of our innate bullshit detector often leads to trouble - decisions based purely on intellect while turning a blind eye to your intuition usually leads to unhappy outcomes.

This talisman is an intentional reminder to listen to that little voice you've been taught to silence so you can make the best choices for YOU, not for someone else's comfort. The High Priestess is infused with magic and good intentions for your success and peace of mind and soul.

Sterling silver and "Dixigold" - a brass composite that doesn't tarnish as easily as regular brass alloys. Matte finish.

Chain length shown on model is 18".