The Hermit, Tarot Jewelry
The Hermit Tarot jewellery

The Hermit

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Are you an extrovert that has recently become more introverted? Or, are you an introvert that has become of late even more introspective?

If you answered yes to either of these, it could be a signal from The Hermit that you need to silence your mind and the surrounding chatter and look within for the answers you seek. The Hermit encourages us to dig deep for inner reflection, for however long it takes, to reconnect with ourselves and our intuition (which, by the way, is always right). Wearing this pendant will tie you to the reminder to always trust your gut in any situation - a talisman of power in knowing that you hold the keys to any answer you seek.

The Hermit is a Tarot card, one of the Major Arcana, and represents the element of Earth - stability, growth and inner harmony.

Sterling silver, Carnelian, patina. Matte finish. Handmade with intention for you.

Chain length shown on model is 18".