Your Fate Is In Your Hands

I’ve recently begun a deep dive into manifestation practices. These practices hinge on the belief that your thoughts, words and actions can literally chart your future. At first, this sounded so farfetched to me, but then I realized that I’d been manifesting my own fate over the years without even knowing I was doing it! Every opportunity that has come to me over the past couple of decades has shown up because I manifested it into being. For instance, our family has moved house a dozen times. No matter where we moved to, it was always the perfect home in our desired neighborhood, at the perfect price point, with perfect timing for lease changes. When we were planning to move away from Trinidad, I spent the year before we left “putting it out there” that our transition would be smooth, even though everyone told me that finding somewhere to live in a new country would be very difficult. A month before we left, the perfect house for our family literally dropped into our laps -  and AGAIN when we moved to Canada, not once but TWICE. Whenever I was down to my last fifty bucks in my bank account and I was begging the universe for money to pay the bills, right at that time a sale would come in, a random payment would show up in my checking account, or I’d find cash in a coat pocket - always just enough to get us through to the next payday. It got to the point where I’ve stopped worrying about pretty much anything, because I know that whatever it is that we need will show up with perfect timing. I simply let go of “how in the hell are we going to  _____?” ...and instead I say “it will happen, when the time is just right. Universe, I am so grateful when I receive _______.” I could go on forever about the “coincidences” of divine timing in my life, and each one started with a thought or spoken word that the universe would provide. So, once again, it’s no coincidence that during this time in my life, I’m drawn to creating palmistry pieces.

Palmistry, also known as Cheirology, is the ancient practice of studying one’s hands as a tool for self discovery. Palmistry was never intended to be a fortune telling carnival trick, but rather a means of analysis of one’s character, temperament, skills, talents and weaknesses. Our hands are considered to be “servants of the brain,” and our patterns of thinking and behavior imprint within the morphology of each palm and finger. Palmistry has gotten a bad rap based purely on the idea that “your fate lies in your hands” - a true statement disguised as a side show money grab by people who don’t truly understand the meaning behind it. Your fate DOES lie in your hands. Nobody can change your path but YOU, using your thoughts, your words and your actions. You can manifest the life that you want by taking control of those three things and allowing the universe to do the rest. Put it out there, no matter how outrageous, and allow it to happen. Be careful what you wish for - you will get it!

These palmistry hands are intended to be talismanic reminders of your own powerful ability to change, be it your future, your present, your thoughts, words, deeds, or circumstances. Each one has been handcrafted into existence and intended for you to level up, to live your best life and empower yourself to achieve everything you have ever wanted.